162 Industrial Dr • Alma, Georgia: (912) 632-3344


Since 2012, Titan Modular Building Systems
has been serving clients throughout
the United States. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through
Continuous Improvement in Pursuit of Perfection.

Titan Modular’s 125,000-square foot facility is located in Alma, Georgia. Our team of nearly 200 craftspeople has a combined experience of over 1,250 years. Rest assured, the members of TeamTitan strive for perfection when proposing, designing, constructing and inspecting your product.

We’ve built structures for clients from North Dakota to Maine, Florida to Texas, for a total of over 36 states. We also export overseas. Titan Modular can construct many types of modular structures, including K-12 classrooms, financial institutions, military facilities, locker rooms, office buildings and blast resistant buildings.

Titan Modular’s quality control team works tirelessly to ensure specification adherence, structural durability and code compliance. We work with our dealers and have consulted with experienced installation contractors to develop innovative techniques that lead to more seamless installations and long-term structural integrity.

Through the company’s guiding principle of Continuous Improvement in Pursuit of Perfection, Titan Modular is always seeking ways to incorporate new ideas and products from "site-built" construction into its projects.

Prospective and current clients who partner with Titan Modular choose to break through the barriers of perceived limitations and construct the next generation of buildings.

Craftsmanship, flexibility and attention to detail are hallmarks of a Titan Modular project. We give our clients the time and respect they deserve to make sure the project is done the right way – the first time.